Disillusion – Neptune square Saturn

Dream versus reality, fantasy versus fact, ocean versus earth: Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces is closing in – the first square will occur 26.11.2015 at 7°.

The world feels like a harsh place these days. Terror in France and Libanon, war at so many places on earth, with religion as a driving force, so much faith without love, so many people fleeing their homes, so much fear and no answers.

When Saturn and Neptune meet next week, they will touch my natal Neptune in Sagittarius, exact at 7°. The last weeks I fought my personal  fear and disillusion. I felt alone and disconnected. Maybe this is the shadow of this aspect, but there is light somewhere. Saturn will sextile my natal Jupiter in Aquarius and my natal Pluto at 6° Libra, so he will act supportive in a natal trine that gives me lots of transformational energy.

Of course I know that there are evil people out there. But my last experience with nastiness was personal, and it changed my view on humanity: “Yes, I want to be a kind person, but when you try to harm me, I will not be so nice anymore.” It feels paradox to scan every social interaction this way, I would to prefer to be a “good” and basically trusting person, but maybe I need to skip some niceness to be clearer and fight for my boundaries better.

Maybe it is a blessing in disguise, this square, avoiding getting lost in my Neptune square Neptune, putting up my boundaries, and getting clear that I will be still a “good” person, even with some healthy scepticism.

There is still love.

A lot.





  1. Yes, well put, EP. One of Saturn’s lessons, especially when combined with Pluto, is that the world is as dark a place as it is light – and sometimes we just have to be tough…but letting-go of Neptunian illusion/delusion is always a painful business. And, ultimately, makes our lives better…


    1. Yes, you are right, it is tough, but not only losing neptunian illusion, but accepting Saturn makes a life much, much better. Once the lecture is learned, there is much more freedom. And – the light is within ourselves, and love never ends. True love is much more than illusion – maybe Saturnian love is the truest of all.

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