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Orbit of the Earth around the Sun

The Birth of Light

Soon is Winter Solstice – the darkest night and the shortest day, where we celebrate the Birth of Light. No matter if we call it Christmas or Yule or Saturnalia – the light will outgrow the darkness of winter from 21.12.2015. Have wonderful days, enjoy the atmosphere, take a little break sometimes, and do not […]


Imaging – Neptune in 12th house

A natal Neptune in 12th house at 7° Sagittarius – Both transiting Saturn and Neptune bring me a weird mix of pragmatism and longing. Luckily this natal Neptune is sextiling my natal Pluto in Libra and my natal Jupiter in Aquarius, so the outcome is more harmonious than I expected. Basically I produce a lot […]

Summer Arch of Sun

Fig. 23