Imaging – Neptune in 12th house

A natal Neptune in 12th house at 7° Sagittarius – Both transiting Saturn and Neptune bring me a weird mix of pragmatism and longing. Luckily this natal Neptune is sextiling my natal Pluto in Libra and my natal Jupiter in Aquarius, so the outcome is more harmonious than I expected.

Basically I produce a lot of art work these days. Since two weeks I work with photographic self-portrait. When I was at an art event in autumn, some people were surprised: “Ah, you are …!” – they knew my name from exhibition invitations, but did not recognize me in person, so I decided to show my face more directly in the open.  And now I am in the middle of the work. First I thought of asking somebody else to take some photos, but it is actually much more exciting to control the process. (And it feels thrilling to have a space where I can install a photo studio with a few moments notice!) I took 600 pictures in different clothes and different expressions, and I selected around a dozen. The work will end up in around four or five really good images.

Before I started, I did not know how I really look: looking in the mirror, we always see the reversed image. And when people take pictures from me, I almost never feel properly represented.

The process of imaging myself is changing something deep inside, an idea of identity, of the border of the skin, the skin as a membrane, sharing the inner self with the world.

I feel clear and alert, my strong fear of the last months faded.

Old limitations dissolve into new beginnings.





  1. Grandtrines · · Reply

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  2. Great Saturn/Neptune feedback, EP ! Sounds like a really interesting creative project…


    1. Thank you! Yes, it is…


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