The Birth of Light

Soon is Winter Solstice – the darkest night and the shortest day, where we celebrate the Birth of Light. No matter if we call it Christmas or Yule or Saturnalia – the light will outgrow the darkness of winter from 21.12.2015.

Have wonderful days, enjoy the atmosphere, take a little break sometimes, and do not forget:

We, as humans today, celebrate the same mysteries like humans thousands of years ago: The Birth of Light is universal.

Just celebrate and share some love – the most precious gift ever.

So I wish you all: Io Saturnalia!

(And maybe you like to read my Winter Solstice posting from last year about what happened at the ancient Roman Saturnalia: HERE you can find it.)

EDIT: For the holidays I will take a digital break, so please be not surprised if this is my last posting for the year. We will meet fresh and new next year again!

Take care and have fun…


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