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Good Days – Mercury direct again

How good it feels that Mercury is going direct again! He went stationary direct conjunct Pluto at 14° Capricorn on Monday, the 25.01.2016, and is now going forward. He will leave his shadow 18.02.2016 at 1° Aquarius, conjunct my Venus at 0,5°. So all it all it felt like a very Venusian time since Mercury […]

Northern Signs of the Zodiac

Day and Night

Condensed Space – A Dark Moon in Capricorn

This night will be a Dark Moon at 19° Capricorn – and we have Venus conjunct Saturn at 12° / 13° in Sagittarius. It is a condensed time quality, dark and tough and creating new energy, manifesting and structuring. Originally I did not plan to write about it, but I decided differently, because the energy […]

North Star