Condensed Space – A Dark Moon in Capricorn

This night will be a Dark Moon at 19° Capricorn – and we have Venus conjunct Saturn at 12° / 13° in Sagittarius. It is a condensed time quality, dark and tough and creating new energy, manifesting and structuring.

Originally I did not plan to write about it, but I decided differently, because the energy mirrors perfectly in my life these moments.

I am sitting in my studio, enjoying a little break while preparing everything for a visit of a TV team tomorrow. My love, an artist too, was asked out of the blue to contribute something about a big project he curated. I took part in this project, too, and showed some work there. His project partner is on vacation, and there are no other artists around who took part and could jump in by such a short notice. And I am happy to do so. So I am working Saturday night (Saturn´s day!) to make everything happen. It was a tough week, and tomorrow will no break, followed by another six day week. So it is Saturnian time for, me, Saturn closing into my natal Sun at 16° Sagittarius, leaving my natal Neptune behind, oh, what a relieve. The Dark Moon occurs in my first house and trines my natal Moon at 21° Taurus, in fifth or sixth house, depending on house system.

My studio has now a visually clean area for the talk, the fantastic radio stream we listen to in vacation is on full volume, and I get into the flow. Now I will continue, and you all: wish me luck for tomorrow, that we can transfer the magic of our art and get a few seconds or minutes recognition of thousands watching the program.

Working hard.

Creating structure.

Offering results.

Presenting work.

Being professional.

Without work no form.

Without work no art.


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