Good Days – Mercury direct again

How good it feels that Mercury is going direct again! He went stationary direct conjunct Pluto at 14° Capricorn on Monday, the 25.01.2016, and is now going forward. He will leave his shadow 18.02.2016 at 1° Aquarius, conjunct my Venus at 0,5°.

So all it all it felt like a very Venusian time since Mercury went retrograde the 05.01.2016with producing some art, having an old friend over for a visit – I know him for almost twenty years – and then the shooting for a little program about the art project of my love including a work of mine.

Monday evening and yesterday, the first direct Mercury day, happened several good things:

  • the art work I delivered for an exhibition got some exiting and positive response, and I look forward to the opening on Friday night
  • I made a very interesting contact there: a psychiatrist who makes art, too, and gave me a reference to an artist who works from similar assumptions like me
  • I got a letter of the local public prosecution office that the preliminary investigation against me (more about in THIS posting) was closed – what a relieve!
  • and the little program about the art of my love and me, a few minutes fame, was broadcasted Tuesday evening – and it was very good!

So I really enjoy this Mercury direct, and I am very curious what he will free from the Plutonian shadow until he reaches the airy realms of Aquarius…


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