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Pragmatic – Saturn transiting natal Neptune

So the transit has finally passed, and it feels good. It was a long and disillusioning period when Saturn passed my natal 12th house Neptune. The last hit occurred in November 2015, parallel to the mundane Neptune square Saturn. Now I count the losses, and it is quite a bit. What happened? Fear blocked me […]

Fog – Neptune square Neptune

Everything was a bit much while Neptune squared my natal 12th house Neptune in Sagittarius, especially because Saturn went over my natal Neptune in this time period, too. When the transit began in May 2014, I packed my stuff and moved into the art studio house with my love. A new life began. Suddenly I […]

Wings – Uranus trine natal AC

Last Friday I went to a concert for Contemporary Music. I listened – and a space inside of me opened. It felt like I had wings, like the little diagonal muscle between spine and shoulder blades (I am sure you know where: it is the spot where the tension is) gave away into relaxation. I […]

Phases De La Lune

The most read posting on Emerging Pattern

  The following text I posted 06.05.2013 – and it is the most read posting on my blog. It seems like the Pluto in Libra generation experiences a lot of change these days…   Personal Revolution – Uranus opposing natal Pluto in Libra Uranus transiting the natal Pluto means upheaval, sudden changes, a fresh start. […]