Wings – Uranus trine natal AC

Last Friday I went to a concert for Contemporary Music. I listened – and a space inside of me opened. It felt like I had wings, like the little diagonal muscle between spine and shoulder blades (I am sure you know where: it is the spot where the tension is) gave away into relaxation.

I felt freedom, emptiness, vacancy.

It is freedom to give thought patterns, guilt, bonds, spiritual residue, all that stuff, away, old strategies not working, group context, individuality.

I entered a space where I listened to new sounds, where I could think new thoughts.

New people.

New contacts.



It felt like I could easily give away parts of me I never thought I could.

I felt so clean and light.

Uranus in Aries will transit my natal AC at 20° Sagittarius again, he left the trine to my natal Sun at 16° Sagittarius not to long ago.

He brought me contacts people from a variety of professions.

It feels a bit like the time when I began my studies abroad – Uranus was squaring my natal Sun and AC while I was there.

Last weekend I sorted through papers and found my notebooks and texts from my studies.

I kept what felt like a positive resonance.

Making space for The New.



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