Fog – Neptune square Neptune

Everything was a bit much while Neptune squared my natal 12th house Neptune in Sagittarius, especially because Saturn went over my natal Neptune in this time period, too.

When the transit began in May 2014, I packed my stuff and moved into the art studio house with my love. A new life began. Suddenly I had a large studio space, larger then I ever thought I would have – but I had that dream for a long time, and I realized how much tools and material I have, perfect for a space like this. In summer I participated in an exiting art project and showed an installation which is the most delicate and poetic piece I ever did so far, very Neptunian, in a dreamlike quality. Because of that contribution I got an invitation for another project, where I worked with a material I have not seen in art before. I still work with it, and it looks like a promising project.

Before the transit began, I decided to focus all this confusing Neptune energy to make my art more interesting and productive, and it looks like I was successful in that.

But the transit had a destructive side, too. I had to fight against fraud. First somebody used my mobile number as a contact to commit internet fraud, and second somebody accused me of it. In both cases I am clear now, but I felt weary and confused. These incidents changed my image of humanity into the more negative spectre, more awareness and more scepticism.

All in all I came out fine, the last exact square occurred 29.12.2015, so I leave this inspiring and confusing transit behind me to deal with heavy stuff in 2016: Saturn will conjunct my natal Sun and Uranus will hit my IC while he opposes my natal Uranus, so I am getting ready for change.

But this will be another story.



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