Pragmatic – Saturn transiting natal Neptune

So the transit has finally passed, and it feels good. It was a long and disillusioning period when Saturn passed my natal 12th house Neptune. The last hit occurred in November 2015, parallel to the mundane Neptune square Saturn. Now I count the losses, and it is quite a bit. What happened?

  • Fear blocked me intensely.
  • To give away illusions about the goodness of humanity was a huge part of the transit. It did some damage to my trust in known and unknown people.
  • Some spiritual assumptions which were with me for some decades had to go: I realized how easily I felt confused and that a large part of my identification was rooted in that context. I shared a life, a group thing, an idea, but sadly very few and limited personal connections stayed with me after I broke up with the core group. Almost no contacts survived, and I suppose it is a blessing in disguise. It felt like dying at this time, but now I feel myself much stronger and clearer. I was very surprised when somebody from that time wrote me a text and asked how I was when Mercury was retrograde a few weeks ago: she thought of me and just contacted me by impulse.  We talked for an hour, it was very nice, and I felt seen by her. Maybe we will have a coffee when I am in her town next time. But basically I am happy to leave this period (and the guilt, for leaving) behind: it brought more scars than healing for sure.
  • Checking facts is even more important to me: there is so much stuff in the internet which is simply not true, but easy to digest. All this racism and bullshit and conspiracy theories are not my cup of tea.  I believe in openness, peer reviews and universal human rights.
  • I am a spiritual being which believes in science, is vaccinated – and will after two long homoeopathic treatments (from well-trained homeopaths) two decades ago without any positive results never support homeopathy again. (In my opinion it works by placebo effect for some, and this is ok, but I can not see any validated results, especially after the Australian meta study. This is purely my opinion, I do not want to be missionary about it, and I do not ask for missionary messages. Please discuss these questions elsewhere, not here on Emerging Pattern. I will delete correlating comments.)
  • I will continue to work with astrology, aura cleaning, energy work – and some magic now and then. Maybe there will be a totally new spiritual direction in my life.

Less confusion.

Less fear.

More results.





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