Work – Saturn transit conjunction natal Sun – Part 1

So it continues: Saturn transits after Mercury and Neptune my natal Sun in 12th house at 16° Sagittarius trine natal Chiron at 16° Aries. The first pass is exactly today, the 05.03.2016.

Jupiter as the ruler of my Sun sign and AC, too, sits in Aquarius in my 2nd house, and my natal Saturn sits in Cancer in my 7th house. So basically the transit is about values, money and relationships privately and professionally.

When I was preparing for it, I worried a bit: Saturn passing natal Neptune was a bit nasty. But the passing over my Sun feels more productive and maybe (knock on wood!) easier.

Working a lot, the work in itself is effective. I get a lot done, and it feels good to tackle tough stuff. My studio space is almost uncluttered. There is still a bit to do, but basically the worst is over. And I could finally bill for a photo job which I finally finished after a long time. Maybe we will continue, but she can not pay my full fee in future. I made her a generous offer, and she has to decide if she accepts it or not. My work is worth an adequate fee, and I will not undersell myself.

My bread and butter job is a bit more stressful as usual, for a special project almost half of the colleagues work for a few months with different tasks. So I offered to work five hours more per week for a few months. Good for the company, good for my bank account.

Maybe I get an order for another creative job similar to advertising, but they are not sure if they want me to do it. I denied yesterday to produce it first “and get paid when the result brings in some money”. We can negotiate a price, but I do not work without getting paid for a “maybe you get paid later”. Then my energy goes better into my personal art to create some value for myself.

Saturn transiting both natal Sun and natal Chiron brings me treatment of old physical imbalances: Since two weeks I get osteopathic treatment. The length of my legs is different, and this results in imbalances in my pelvic area. So the Saturn transit brings some healing to my bones and ligaments. It feels like “I have more space inside of my body”, sounding very weird, but it the best possible description how it feels. And I began a few day ago a deep cleansing skin treatment which could reduce the unevenness in my face. The scars will not go away, but it will look better.

I checked when I had this transit the last time: it was around 1987 and a very painful time. Searching for clues and incidents in these days, looking into some old diaries, I will continue to write later about it to find about parallels and potential of healing.


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