More Work – Saturn transit conjunction natal Sun – Part 2

The first pass of Saturn over my natal Sun is over, but I am still working a lot. No time for astrology-related studies, not even searching my image archive for fresh food for Emerging Pattern, just money and work and producing art.

Saturn seems to reward me: yes, it IS a lot of work, but it flows smoothly. No big drama regarding authorities, no setbacks until now *knockonwood*. Additionally to my breadwinning work I do some well paid design work (I got the job, haha!) and prepare several new art pieces. When everything works out fine, there is a nice chunk of extra income – mirroring Saturn being the lord of my second house. My inspiration comes from weird places these days, like an urge I have to follow, supposedly related to transiting Uranus trine my AC. Writing is difficult these days: I work on a new artist statement, but my work is changing so rapidly. I do not see the meta layer of context and meaning now and will have to wait a bit.

So soon I will write a bit more, and bring some fresh images and ideas.



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