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Digging – A Mercury retrograde in Taurus

Mercury is stationary now and will turn retrograde tomorrow the 28.04.2016 at 23° Taurus. Travelling back through the sign of the bull he will turn direct the 22.05.2016 at 14° Taurus. There are a few more retrograde planets now: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. It is a time to re-discover, to re-treat, to collect all […]

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Still Working – Saturn transit conjunction natal Sun – Part 3

Just a few days until the 14.04.2016 when Saturn will transit my Sun exactly at 16° Sagittarius in my 12th house – what should I say, I am still working like mad, last week five days in a row (normally I work three days), one day off, this week four days in a row. The […]

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