Still Working – Saturn transit conjunction natal Sun – Part 3

Just a few days until the 14.04.2016 when Saturn will transit my Sun exactly at 16° Sagittarius in my 12th house – what should I say, I am still working like mad, last week five days in a row (normally I work three days), one day off, this week four days in a row. The art business takes a little step back, I have lots of fresh ideas, but not enough time to realize it. But I will make some space soon.

As long I sleep enough, I am fine. And I need to remember to make proper breaks and to eat healthy. To counter the work aspect, I made some appointments to meet friends. To meet spontaneously does not work for any of us, and this is a bit sad, I think. Otherwise I avoid human company but my love: he calms me, and I enjoy him around a lot.

It is weird to have a Uranus transit trine my AC the same time of Saturn transiting my Sun, Uranus makes me restless, and I find it hard to focus my mind on a single task. There is a lot of art writing on my to-do-list, but I can hardly find the words. All these ideas and words and sparks fly together and create only chaos and nothing like a structure. It lays beyond, but I can not see it.  My art process is changing from photography to object and installation, and maybe it is too early to fix it into an artist statement: I should move and change and fly, the understanding of theoretical context and meta layers and philosophical concepts will be important later.

Creating comes first.

At least there will be results.

Tasks are getting done.



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