Earthy – An Earth Grand Trine

We have still a Grand Trine in Earth signs: Sun, Venus and Mercury in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde.

Not a time for airy ideas, but deep practice, for grounding and re-thinking. Everything goes a bit slower than usual. Everything earthy, like work, gardening, pleasure, cooking, works fine. It is also a time to create some space to rest mind and body.

My natal Moon sits at 22° Taurus, so it feels very influenced by the currents transits. It is the only body in earth in my natal chart, so to me it feels even more important to care for the required attention, even when it means to sleep almost nine hours per night…

There is so much to do like always – but I am not quick like usual. In my job I work a few hours more per week till end of June, and it seems to eat up more energy than just a few hours per week. At least I have much less spare energy than usual. The art projects are a bit in the background for now, but that is ok. The next exhibition will be in a few months, and I have enough time to produce the new piece.

Our little green backyard is a joy, the Japanese Cherry tree has blossomed, and I found a very good fertilizer for our intensively cultivated vegetable beds. Last year I underestimated their need for nutrients, this year we will have quite a crop. All these flowers and their scent! To dig my hands into the soil! (Who cares for long and varnished fingernails…) I could spend all my time in this place: we had very warm and sunny weather for almost two weeks, but unfortunately the temperature is dropping now.

So it has been a very Taurian time for me that will be finally over when Mercury will go direct over my Moon and later leaves Taurus. Sun enters Gemini the 21.05., and Venus follows 25.05. Mercury takes his sweet time until 13.06.2016.

Step by step, day by day.

To be slow leads to results, too.





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