Loud and clear – Mars transiting Mercury in Scorpio

Last Friday, the 27.05.2016, Mars moved backwards from Sagittarius into Scorpio and will stay there until 02.08.2016.

As my natal Mercury is at 29°10 Scorpio, it was intensive for me. While Saturn is close to my natal Sun, I grow into my power and own it. There is an urge to be directive if necessary. It feels new to me to be so clear, it feels so good to set boundaries which was often difficult for me.

We have apprentices at my workplace, and they go a bit wild these times. There is no proper boss now, and they exploit the circumstances. One of them did not take part an obligatory presentation and had no excuse. She has a history of arriving at work when she wants, not when she is obliged to. So I got very clear with her about her obligations, and I guess it she will have a serious talk with her supervisor whom I informed about the incident. He and me agreed that we both could never have acted like this in our own apprenticeships. Mistakes, ok, but excuses for sure. Most coworkers feel annoyed by her being so snottily, but they do not talk to her about it or set her some boundaries, so she continues.

The very same day an old conflict with a coworker rose up again. He is a nitpick (and annoying more people in the team, not just me) , and complained about a minor mistake I made which takes two seconds to fix. I did it many times for others, too, without complaining. He has the opinion that he works perfect, but he does not. Handy for me, I found in the morning two mistakes he made, and really enjoyed it to shove them back to him. It does not make be a better person, but I hate people who make mistakes and can not accept it, but accuse others.

So this was a very Marsian-Mercurian-Scorpio-day with a strong Saturnian flavour…

Everybody makes mistakes.

They makes us human.

But – we are not our mistakes.

We just make them, and correct them.

Or not.







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