Adventurous – Full Moon on Node Axis

This is not my day – I dreamt weird stuff and could hardly woke up, the usual coffee did not help. It is a work day today, but it feels wrong.

The Full Moon today falls exactly on my Moon Nodes axis, with the North Node at 29° Sagittarius in first house.

I am restless and irritable and tired, I long for free time and new experiences.

I am bored.

The dream of last night lingered with me, it was about things and stories from my past, long ago. In my dream it looked first like things could happen differently, but they did not. When I was awake, I felt confused, thinking that this very part of my personal history was closed, but the dream suggested something else.

In the light of this Full Moon my past is still my past, the history is written, the story is told. It tastes stale, it feels sticky. But there, in my dream, was enough emotion left, indicating the kind of glue that kept the shards together until they fell apart.

This is past.

Today is today.

And there is a summer breeze, full of scent and warmth.

I go forward: looking for a new path.

No map needed, following the discreet pull.

So soft, so silent.





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