Monthly Archives: July 2016

Ideas – Uranus transiting natal IC

Without solid grounding lightning causes severe damage – but with a lightning rod everything should be fine. Uranus crossed my natal IC these weeks the first time and is stationary now. He will move backwards and trine my natal AC the last time before he will move towards my IC again. Nothing very exiting happened, […]



Open – Progressive Moon conjunct natal AC

Life is easier and brighter since the progressive Moon crossed 11.06.2016 my AC at 20° Sagittarius. I can breathe better, and the weight on me feels lighter. Even tackling with long to-do lists it feels like I have a bit more space, and making a short break does not involve guilt and/or total exhaustion. The […]

Less Green

Just breathe…

So, that was a tough time, working so much. I thought about writing new postings for Emerging Pattern, and could not create space and time to do it. But now my work life gets better and slower, and there are some interesting transits going on: My progressive Moon crossed my AC – hooray! Uranus moved […]