Just breathe…

So, that was a tough time, working so much. I thought about writing new postings for Emerging Pattern, and could not create space and time to do it.

But now my work life gets better and slower, and there are some interesting transits going on:

  • My progressive Moon crossed my AC – hooray!
  • Uranus moved currently on my IC
  • Pluto is squaring my natal Chiron
  • Jupiter trines my natal Taurus Moon and squares my AC
  • Progressive AC, progressive Mercury and progressive retrograde Venus are conjunct in Aquarius right now
  • Neptune came first time close to squaring my natal Sun, but retreats for now
  • Progressive Sun moves into 1° orb of natal Venus and will move sign before the exact conjunction

So that is a lot of stuff to think and write about – as soon as possible, and step by step.



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