Ideas – Uranus transiting natal IC

Without solid grounding lightning causes severe damage – but with a lightning rod everything should be fine.

Uranus crossed my natal IC these weeks the first time and is stationary now. He will move backwards and trine my natal AC the last time before he will move towards my IC again.

Nothing very exiting happened, and I am fine with that. There are so many awful stories about the destruction Uranus causes by transits over ICs. But I moved two years ago, and at home there are so many little changes all the time that I hope there are maybe no bigger ruptures necessary *knockonwood*.

My natal Uranus is with two degrees orb very close to my 24° Libra MC: so I can expect my Uranus – Uranus opposition at 26° Aries. Who knows which surprises will wait for me then?

But there is something significant happening for a few weeks: I began to learn electronics by a LED experiment set. And it is so much fun! I like independence and find solutions for myself. Some months ago I dreamt an art piece which consisted of light, I woke up and made a sketch. In the dream it seemed so easy, but in real life the construction is tricky and complex. Researching LED controllers I found nothing which could produce the effect, so I decided to learn how to do it by myself, step by step. Even if I never will be perfect, I will learn enough to ask the right questions to the right people to get specific help.

Quite often people ask me: Where do you get your ideas from? And I have to answer that I do not know, they are in my head out of the blue. This is a greeting from my Uranian MC, perhaps, and I really enjoy it. It is a lot of weird stuff that comes up, and I feel lucky to have enough space and time to build things and art pieces that are genuinely new and never existed before.









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