Motion – A Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius

At 9:26 UT occured a Moon eclipse at 25°51 Aquarius. It is a fresh beauty, this one, restless and inspiring, in a sextile with Uranus, adding to the Uranian vibe.

Uranus is slowly moving back from my IC, so the eclipse is triggering my IC / MC axis.

A few weeks ago I got a new boss, he seems to be ok and is a bit quirky, so he will fit into the company, I guess. We will see, but for now he is the best of the three guys who tried to fill in in two years. (And my guts trust him, which is a very good sign.)

Our studio house prepares an exhibition, and we do proper press work for the first time. We will show only a few days, so we have to do something to attract as many visitors as possible.

I went to an art party last week and connected with people I knew from Facebook, but not in person. It is a bit weird: people know my name, but not my face, because I am a lousy introvert and avoid many openings, and the small talk anyway. But this has to change. I met people I studied with, and that was fun. The one is a brilliant writer, and I want her for the opening speech when I show my single exhibition next year. She is fantastic and funny and her work has some parallels to mine, so she will really get what I do. I am looking forward to this exhibition, later this year I will put all my new work in our exhibition room and collect a idea about the concept. So many different pieces!

By equal houses is Jupiter in my tenth house these days, and he quincunxes the eclipse Moon.

I could really do with some fresh air, some good contacts and professional opportunities!


Fresh dreams.



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