Hooray – Four years Emerging Pattern!

This is truly incredible: It is the 20.08.2016 – and I am writing here at Emerging Pattern for four years.

When I began with Emerging Pattern, I was in a deep personal crisis. Sharing my deep emerging patterns helped me to cope with it and to reflect my healing process. It was cathartic to share my pain, my ideas, my hope, with the anonymous world. I changed, I healed, and my life changed. Now I am writing not for catharsis, but for reflection. For a time I obsessed over astrological ideas and followed my ephemeris every day. It changed, too. Now I have a look a few times per months. So I reduced my presence here on Emerging Pattern a bit: Basically I will write around two texts per month, not three, and I will post three or four images, not five. But I think it is more important to continue than to put myself in a structure I can not fulfill.

Thank you, unknown readers, without you I would not write for four (really, wow, FOUR) years!


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