Value – Pluto transiting natal Jupiter

What is value, when Jupiter transits the natal Pluto – with my natal second house Jupiter trining exactly this Pluto? This value is about money – the money I can earn, the money I earn, and the value of my work.

When the exact transit occured the 09.10.2016, I wrote a fee agreement for my freelance photo jobs. There is a hourly rate I can not go below, and there are a few other conditions I insist on. It is the first time I wrote one, and now I can not imagine how I could ever do without.

The catalyst was that somebody, who had hired me for photos before, claimed she could not pay such a high fee (which is not higher as an “ordinary” rate for craft work) to hire me again, she had so many other obligations. But she has enough money to pay her other craftsmen. My photos are a craft, too, so I want to get paid properly to the correct conditions, otherwise I will not do the job, so simple as that. I wrote her a very friendly and understanding mail and even offered her a generous payment scheme. It was really hard for me to send it: Maybe it is a problem many artists have, pricing own work can be very delicate and depends of many factors.

But I did it. (Until now I got no response.)

With a smaller rate I would reduce my own value.

When I do not value my own work – others will not, too.

So I do.







  1. Well done you!! ♡

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    1. Thank you, Grandtrines! :)

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        You are welcome! ♥️


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