Black Moon in Scorpio – Dark is Light

Always I loved the time when autumn deepens. The light fades, and the fields are empty.

Tomorrow is even darker. A Black Moon at 7° Scorpio and a Mercury at 9° Scorpio close by, and a trine to a 9° Pisces Neptune.

And the days after we celebrate a Day of the Dead, Halloween, Samhain, Allerheiligen.

We remember the people and things and events that were and are gone now.

When I look back, I felt truly, in the most and true sense, happy at maybe four time periods in my life:

  • when I spend time with my grandmother at age 9-12, which died when I was 13
  • with my first true love (which committed suicide almost 16 years ago)
  • while I went abroad for art studies
  • now, living in an art studio house with my love (I am sure that when I look back at the end of my life, that I will still think that I felt authentic and congruent and free.)

All events are similar in one aspect:

I feel and felt at home.

Home is a space to be free.




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