Straight – Saturn transiting natal Sun

Last week I had the last transit of Saturn over my natal Sagittarius Sun.

The whole transit was a work-oriented time period, for four months I worked more hours, earned this way more money, had my first vacation of the year in September, and since July I have a new boss. And – I had my 15 year (!!!) jubilee at exactly this company.

As I began to work for that company fifteen ago, I had no idea that I would stay there for such a long time. I am happy about this job: I will never get another well-paid part-time job like this, it made it possible for me to realize my art studies including an MA abroad and to still work as an artist.

So I guess I made the right decisions when Saturn opposed my Sun (which happened in May 2002, when I worked for this company for one year and it got clearer that I possibly could stay there.).

Of course I would love being a famous artist, earning loads of money with my art, but having a secure income AND enough time for art feels like winning a first prize, too.

So I feel content and safe and maybe I did grow more by working in a field with no connections to art.

Who knows?

It is a path.

A path I will continue.


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