Focus – Saturn transiting AC

Finally the Saturn transit over my natal Sun is over, now he closes in on my AC at 20° Sagittarius, the transit will be exact 22.12.2016. It will be only one hit, he will come close again next summer, but not touch the AC again.

With a natal square from Saturn in Cancer in 7th house to Pluto in Libra in 9th or 10th house (according to house system), he challenges me in my way of exchange with the world.

I skipped some parties over the last weeks and enjoyed a two-week vacation working in my studio, beginning a new series. One day I traveled for research, one day (my birthday) I spent in a spa, and there was another day off. Every other vacation day I worked at least a few hours for my projects, and I was so happy! Usually I slept up to nine or ten hours (what a joy!) till ten o´clock in the morning, had coffee and a cookie in bed, tidied my flat, and went downstairs into my studio. Later a snack and a nap, and back to work. It was incredibly relaxing to focus on work I wanted to do for a long time, the first idea including sketches and tests I had around five years ago. And now I could do it in my rhythm, every day, as long as I wanted! Of course it is not ready for exhibition in that short time, but I managed to get on solid ground.

On the other hand my inner critic is wide awake and comments my actions and thoughts harshly, some Saturnian fear accompanies me, and some of my OCD traits are wide awake, too. I sorted and tidied my studio, cleaned the cupboards and sorted all my dishes, glasses and cups, the bathroom, some hidden spaces full of crap, attacked accumulated piles of papers and washed all my bed linen. But nevertheless it felt very relaxing, and when I went back to work last Monday, it felt like I had a proper vacation.

In these weeks I basically talked only to my boyfriend, but started with Instagram, got more active on Facebook and continued writing my new artist statement and some project descriptions. Creating so much new stuff, the message needs to go into the world, otherwise there will be no exhibitions and no recognition, least earning fame and money… and out of the blue the last vacation day I got an invitation to take part in an exhibition next autumn. I take that as an encouraging sign of the universe aka the mighty teacher Saturn that I am on the right track.

Work is fun, focusing is fun.

When work is fun, soul and world connect.






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    1. Thank you very much! :)

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        You are welcome!


  2. Well done you! Yes, Saturn transiting the ASC can be a great time to focus and to develop more solidity. I actually enjoyed when Saturn crossed my Ascendant couple of years ago, it was somehow a relief to have it leaving the 12th house, and consequently, becoming a bit more tangible to work with. With Saturn making a conjunction to my Mars I had the discipline to quit smoking! The gifts of Saturn are many and long lasting ones, but only for those who work hard enough though. Congrats for making the most of your Saturn transit. ♡

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  3. Thank you, Fernanda! Yes, Saturn has many gifts to give… When I stopped smoking almost 14 years ago, he transited my DC a few months before, so he mirrors the position now. Thanks for remembering me! Yes, it is a relieve. In 12th house he was difficult, especially conjunct my Neptune while forming the mundane Saturn square Neptune. On AC tasks are better to tackle.


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