Constructive – New Moon conjunct natal Jupiter in Aquarius

And maybe there is hope – at least the New Moon today  in Aquarius at 8° aquarius brings a fresh breeze of air – and inspiration. Pluto at 17° and Mercury at 15° Capricorn are still very deep and very serious, and Venus at 24° Pisces squares Saturn at 24° Sagittarius, so there is some tension.

This New Moon today falls on my 9° Jupiter in Aquarius in 2nd house, and yesterday the money from a photo shoot arrived (four weeks late, but here it is now) and I got some tax money back, too. So I can shove some substance into savings, and that´s very, very good. I will spend the weekend being happy about the things and especially the love I enjoy, I will try a new recipe, and maybe we are tomorrow out there in the winter sun for some climbing.

And wish me luck: I applied for some art funding, and the answer could arrive the next two weeks: it would mean some serious money which could really help me to realize some projects. Maybe I have a reason to dance next Full Moon!

Black Moon, the potential born from darkness.

Remember all the potential of Aquarius, the clear sight, the brilliance, unique and glittery.

Remember how it feels to be you, fresh and authentic.

Do something you have never done before.

Add the weird accessories and wear ist with pride.

Sketch your dream.





  1. Thank you a lot, Grandtrines! :)


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