Action Soon – Uranus and Saturn transiting IC/MC plus natal Mars and Uranus

Until next spring I will have some intensive and complex transits over my IC/MC axis at 24° Aries/Libra with a natal Mars at 26° Aries and a natal Uranus at 26° Libra. The Mars Uranus opposition is the most exact aspect in my chart, it brings me lots of energy, but some trouble, too.

You can maybe imagine that I was not an easygoing kid, I revolted against everything. Over the years I am better in controlling this energy, the Uranus conjunction with my MC brought me job in an internet company, and I am doing weird art stuff in my “chosen” profession, so that fits well.

Uranus transiting my IC/Mars? No idea what he will bring.

My fourth house begins in Pisces in equal house system, and it fits better than Placidus with IC / fourth house in aries: I love green and wood and plants and peace and quietness in my surroundings. It would mean that my natal Mars conjunct IC is in my fifth house, and that feels more adequate, too: I like intensive fun. In my youth I partied hard, and I still love exiting stuff. Nowadays I get more and more interested in climbing. My creative impulses are clearly weird, and I feel whole when I can follow my impulses to make something that nobody thought of before. Doing arts is fun – I do not want to waste my time with art I do not have fun with while producing it.

Saturn will trine that Uranus/MC and sextile my Mars/IC: I am really happy about that, because he will help to focus me on real tasks. So I will work a lot on my single exhibition in autumn, producing all new work. So exciting! So much work, but I want to make a really good job people will remember.

And then – the cream on top – Jupiter almost touched my MC end of January the first time and is now retrograde. And – hooray! – I got a few days ago a letter that I got financial aid to support me (aka my art studio) from the municipality! Of course I will additionally apply for exhibition support, but this in itself is so wonderful, I am really happy.

So I will use all this planetary support to get a fantastic exhibition together when Jupiter comes back to my MC in autumn!





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