Shine – Full Moon on natal MC

Yesterday we had a Full Moon at 21° Libra conjunct fixed star Spica at 23°50 Libra. For me it is a very special Full Moon as my MC at 24° is conjunct Spica and natal Uranus at 26° Libra. Uranus moved on my IC at 24° Aries these days, Sun will follow soon, my natal Mars sits at 26 ° Aries, and all in all it is a very intense and productive time.

It was a working day, again: I rented a van to fetch a two meter long library showcase I got very cheap, it is like a table with a glass cover which was originally used to present books. In autumn I will show my new work in a single exhibition, and I am really happy to get the showcase, it will bring my presentation forward. We moved it down a narrow and steep stairway, and it arrived at my studio safe and sound. Last week I sent out a presentation to a company which produces material I use in my works, and asked for support for the upcoming exhibition. I guess I will hear from them in some time, my gut feeling says “yeah”, but I do not really expect anything from it.

But I expect to happen something, the transit with Uranus on my IC is so strong, and the Full Moon lighting up my MC conjunct Uranus and Spica has to be good for something. I still wait for the promised “riches and honours” of MC plus Spica, but maybe the natal Uranus has a special idea about it…

We will see!







  1. Thank you, Grandtrines! :)


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