New Structure – Progressive Moon in Capricorn

Around two weeks ago I felt a spontaneous urge to clean my space. It was different than usual, it was a basic need. Of course I clean regularly, but mostly I do it as a boring duty: damn, I have to clean again. But now I felt the need for fresh air, a different scent. Every house, every flat has a very personal scent, and suddenly I did not like mine. I cleaned my bins. I emptied out all my clothes on the floor and sorted out: the woolen and all other suspicious stuff went on a “washing” pile, clothes I did not wear on a “sort later” pile, clean clothes that I like to wear but smelled a bit strange on an “airing” pile. I cleaned the closet and hanged little scented bags inside. It was five or six machines to wash, and lots of pieces to air. And this is just the beginning. Step by step I tidy spaces and repair things. For the next big step, to get rid of all that mass of redundant things around me, I am not ready yet. I love my stuff. But some of it could go. The time for it will come.

The very same weekend Venus was stationary, and maybe it explains my focus on my wardrobe. Something funny happened: I sorted through my underwear.  The last weeks I found it unbearable to wear bras. (My body changed, I am more athletic now, and most of my bras are pinching and just annoying to wear.) I tried all of them and only kept those which felt nice. And I took my correct measurement: to my big surprise I found out that I do not own a single bra in the right size! This is Venus stationary direct in perfection, I guess… Now I look forward to find a few new pieces that fit perfectly.

All that cleaning and sorting is the influence of my progressive Moon changing signs, I guess – from Sagittarius to Capricorn in first house the 10.04.2017 – the “big clearing work” began the 07.04.2017.

New structure: I look forward to it. With progressive Moon in Sagittarius I was more about getting inspired. Now I want to get the most of this Saturnian air of “bring it to an end”.

Structure is helpful to understand the pattern of things.

Structure makes life easier.

I love chaos.

And I need structure.

Both is life.





    1. Thank you, again! <3

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      1. You are welcome!


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