Opening – Full Moon in Sagittarius

Some time passed already: the Full Moon at 18° Sagittarius the 09.06.2017 was intense, and it still sends out some ripples…

Two degrees apart from my AC/DC axis this Full Moon triggered an opening in my life, after a long time avoiding unnecessary communication.

My work team had the 09.06.2017 a systemic team intervention: a whole day practising communication in a different way than in all the sales trainings we had over the years. I was in training for systemic techniques with the coach, and she has the perfect profile for us. I worked one and a half-year to initialize it. I talked with several (changing) superiors several times to persuade them trying a new way in team training, and finally we got it. Basically we have a good team. And by communicating better we can support each other better and make better sales. The day was fun, and when I was back at home, I almost cried from relief. I realized how much all that bitching and bad communication stressed me, and so, by initializing the training, I made a gift to myself. It will be easier to be open and respectful to each other, and maybe we learn to solve our conflicts less toxic. At least it is a step in the right direction.

The weekend after I met with people from the therapeutic training: we talked a lot, it was deep, and felt so good. I liked that I could share some of my inner processes. It was like a mini vacation, and I began my week so open and full of positive emotions.

The last weekend I had off for five days, and I enjoyed some culture: theatre, a concert, an exhibition opening (where I spoke to people I did not know before, this is work for me!), and lots and lots of art. It is good to see a lot of art, the works, the presentation, the references. It helps me to create some high quality art myself.

Today I am back at work.

I still feel like that: open.

A breeze.





    1. Thank you lots! :)

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      1. You are welcome!


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