Happy Solstice!

In the darkest night we celebrate the light…

Happy Solstice to you all!

The last weeks were busy: After I finished my exhibition, there were lots of stuff I had put on hold. The next days will be quieter, and I can have a little retreat over the holidays. We visited my family last weekend, so we are free. I long for these six free days in a row from tomorrow. Still something to do, I am the proud owner of a new kitchen, the last elements we put up tomorrow, and then it we have holiday.

Food! Candles! Love! Sleep!

It was a dense year, and quite successful. As a double Sagittarius I feel relieved that Saturn moved into Capricorn yesterday, he really put some pressure on me, but took care to get results, too, so it was not too bad.

Soon he will oppose my natal Saturn in Cancer. As he squared him some years ago, I lost some deep friendships, people I thought to be family. It hurt a lot. Now, seven years later, I I feel more like “me”. Relationships, friendships, they can bring out parts of yourself, and you get to know other aspects of yourself when you leave them. Hard lessons. We will see how the opposition will go: Saturn´s lessons are down to the core. And helpful, only hurtful for a time, when you are ready to accept and learn.

But now, for a few days, there will be a break, for the time “between the years”, for the Holy Twelfth Night.

Enjoy, feel the light, and love.



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