Gravity – Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Today we have a Solar Eclipse in Cancer at 20° in opposition to Pluto, and in the background occurs a Grand Earth Trine between Saturn at 4° Capricorn, Uranus 2° Taurus and Venus 3° Virgo.

So it is a lot of earth energy going around, and I feel it.

My natal Moon sits at 22° Taurus, so he gets a Plutonian vibe these days anyway.

My natal Saturn sits at 2° Cancer, so he gets all the Grand Earth Trine energy.

I feel tired, I miss my focus these days, my love is abroad, nobody else is in the studio house these days, it is vacation time, it is very warm and I feel exhausted after months of organizing art events.

I load my batteries by being alone, so I take the situation to my advantage and avoid people. Of course I go to work, but in my private space I enjoy retreat. I collect my energies, in a week or so we prepare the next exhibition, and it will be very busy again.

I love being alone.

All the to-do-lists are just paper now.

Of course I could, but I won´t.

Later is enough for now.



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