About Emerging Pattern

You will find  a diary here:  I collect stuff and share thoughts, images and ideas about things I find specific interest in. Mostly it is about patterns that make sense to me.

I am a professional artist. From childhood I am researching about astrology. I like the multidimensional and dynamic structure of astrological thinking, myths and archetypes are coming into life…

Copyright for text and images by Emerging Pattern 2012-14

You are welcome to share texts and photography from Emerging Pattern so far you link the content to the original posting and send me a link to the page you post it!

emergingpattern (at) gmail.com


  1. Hi
    Just to let you know I’ve added your blog to my RSS feed at brand new blog http://www.astrologyquestionsandanswers.com with my thanks for your Follow! Do drop by with a question sometime. All good wishes Anne


  2. Hello, I was searching blogs to look at Art. I stumbled upon yours. There is this very happy bright childlike picture of a flower. Reminded me of when I was a little kid. My friend once wrote a poem entitled ” Archetype”, as he is also a vocalist a song was derived from it. I still listen to it today, almost 25 years later. I really have not much knowledge when it comes to Astronomy. Just for fun, I will tell you that I was born on September 23rd, 1970. I seem to always date people who are born in late January. Thank you for your time.


    1. Hi Ted, thanks for your comment! All drawings you find on my blog I painted as a child. I still find them fresh and somehow “archetypical” – they touch me, and it seems that my blog visitors like them, too. We grow up with valid images and impressions that accompany us for life – like your poem you still love.
      I had four pretty deep loves which were born in an age gap of six months. As the last one ended, I analysed the similarities astrologically and decided to date only people beyond this age gap. Now it feels like the “right one”, but I needed to lern my lesson, I guess…


  3. Hi tried to leave a comment on your upbeat Mars in Sag post, but no comments box! Was that intentional? Anyway, I appreciated the post.


  4. Hi Anne, no, it is not very intentional – I saw this blog more as a personal space, but maybe it is time to open it up. I changed the settings for new posts including comments, and there should be a way for already published ones, but not this night. Thanks for your appreciation and your feedback!


  5. I really enjoyed this post. You have brought astrological symbolism alive in this sensitive picture of how positive expression of energy can be as it transits the 12th House.


    1. Thank you lots! Hopefully I am able to express the coming Saturn transit through my 12th likely as positive, I have to admit it worries me a bit… But maybe the dream simply comes true, with hard work. We´ll see :)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I have activated the comment function for new articles, by the way, so direct comments are possible from now on.


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