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Gravity – Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Today we have a Solar Eclipse in Cancer at 20° in opposition to Pluto, and in the background occurs a Grand Earth Trine between Saturn at 4° Capricorn, Uranus 2° Taurus and Venus 3° Virgo. So it is a lot of earth energy going around, and I feel it. My natal Moon sits at 22° […]

Another Green

Exiting – Uranus in Taurus

Uranus went into Taurus the 15.05.2018, I am really happy about it. I feel calmer after Uranus left my natal Mars in Aries opposing Uranus in Libra, and the results of Uranus in Taurus bring me some fun. My natal Venus sits at 0°15 Aquarius and squares my Uranus in Libra at 26° in a […]

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So Cold