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Hooray – Four years Emerging Pattern!

This is truly incredible: It is the 20.08.2016 – and I am writing here at Emerging Pattern for four years. When I began with Emerging Pattern, I was in a deep personal crisis. Sharing my deep emerging patterns helped me to cope with it and to reflect my healing process. It was cathartic to share […]

Resources – Venus out of her Shadow

Yes, some time already passed since Venus left her shadow and completed her retrograde period the 09.10.2015. When I look back, the whole cycle was for me about resources, the material, the personal and the spiritual ones. My natal Venus sits in 0° Aquarius in my second house and went around my 26th year on […]

Three years Emerging Pattern!

As I began writing here on Emerging Pattern, I would have never thought that I would continue three years later. I only wrote to mirror myself. But by writing, by reading, the mirror becomes the world. Thank you, dear reader, to bring my words into existence. Thank you all!

Blank paper – A New Moon in Leo conjunct retrograde Venus

Today´s New Moon occurs at 14:35 UT at 21° Leo conjunct retrograde Venus at 23° Leo – a time for new beginnings concerning creativity, values, transformation and self-worth. Who creates what we are? What defines our value? What image of ourselves do we entertain? Maybe it is time to put a blank sheet of paper […]



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Happy Beltane!

To all of you – a Happy Beltane! I wish you ecstasy, beauty, sensuality and the glorious knowledge how it is to be alive in the middle of Taurus. Dig your hands into the earth, forget about your manicure, just enjoy and feel and be. Flowers everywhere, the birds are mating in our backyard, the […]

Good Lovers Lie – An Article about Love and Lies in NYTimes

Today is Valentine´s Day – and I came across that fantastic article “Good Lovers Lie“, written by Clancy Martin in NYTimes 07.02.2015. This sweet day, so sweet that my teeth hurt, filled with all this exclamations about true and romantic love, asks more about what we expect of love than what love truly is. I […]





Hooray! Two years Emerging Pattern!

Two years ago I started blogging. It was a test how it would feel to air out my mind, to share some images and to structure my personal thoughts about subjective experiences with astrology. Looking back, my life has changed profoundly. And it will change in the future. I would like to install this personal […]

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“Darkness reflects the sun. Blackness reflects nothing.” (Roni Horn – Another Water) Blackest is the new black: Scientists have developed a material so dark that you can’t see it… Read the article here.    



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Building up – Cardinal Grand Cross

The energy is building up – after the Lunar Eclipse from 15.04.2014 the tension is even stronger and intensifies every day. So much is happening, there is nobody I know who enjoys a quiet and relaxed time right now. The next week will be the most intense period where we can reach amazing breakthrough both […]

The darkest time – A Sun in 12th house

There is a paradox  in the meaning of the 12th house I like very much : A planet in the 12th house is hidden behind the ascendant as the interface to the world.  For example I am born short after sunrise, that makes my Sun a 12th house Sun conjunct the Ascendent. The Sun in […]

A very useful tool

Normally I do not get very excited about stuff you find in the internet, at least not so excited that I want to write a post about it. But Solar System Scope is different. It is a 3D online simulation of our Solar System. It is dynamic, you can choose a heliocentric or a geocentric […]

High Density – A Stellium and an Eclipse in Scorpio

It is getting tight around here. Thinking, processing, analysing gets some extra weight by the conjunction of Sun, Mercury RX , Saturn and North Node in Scorpio *- and is highlighted by the exact Uranus square Pluto. They are clearing the space  for the Sun eclipse 03.11. at 10° Scorpio. Communication is more serious and […]


An ancient site. Different from the ancient sites I know from the British isles, from Cornwall, Dartmoor, Wales, Orkneys. Over there are circles, many circles, sometimes avenues and stone rows – many different atmospheres, overviews, landscapes. This site is something else. It is Parc La Mutta in Switzerland, a Bronce Age Megalithic site, 3500 years […]

Not only the first anniversary for EMERGING PATTERN – celebrating Post number 100, too!

One year ago I began to write EMERGING PATTERN. As I started with EMERGING PATTERN, it was meant as a test: How would it feel to bring a part of my inner worlds into the light? I was thinking a lot about astrology, about inner processes, I was changing, I was suffering, I was stretching […]

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All Mystery And Vision – A Sagittarius Gemini Lunar Eclipse

It is about seeking and visions, this Eclipse, at 4°08 Sagittarius / Gemini, at 25.05.2013 between 3:53 and 4:26 UTC. It is about communicating with your deep inner voice. This small voice, sometimes unheard, sometimes ignored, the only voice, the only thing that leads through the darkness of your soul. Where do you seek for […]