Incredible! Emerging Pattern celebrates its 5th birthday – it is five years now that I am publishing texts and images here. I am now in a different state and place, and when I look back to the journey, I am more than surprised. I was in a vacuum back then. I created Emerging Pattern to […]

Since the last New Moon in Leo, 23.07.2017, I am restless. It was in perfect opposition to my natal Venus in Aquarius in 2nd house. I like working, but these days it is a bit too much. I have an upcoming exhibition in autumn and we artists of the studio house take part in an […]

So far it is a quiet and productive time these days, no major incidents. Maybe it is the influence of Jupiter moving into a nice sextile to my natal Sagittarius Sun. He moves afterwards into a sextile to my AC, and will transiting my MC in Libra in September. Jupiter transits work well for me. […]