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Smooth – Jupiter sextiling natal Sun

So far it is a quiet and productive time these days, no major incidents. Maybe it is the influence of Jupiter moving into a nice sextile to my natal Sagittarius Sun. He moves afterwards into a sextile to my AC, and will transiting my MC in Libra in September. Jupiter transits work well for me. […]

Opening – Full Moon in Sagittarius

Some time passed already: the Full Moon at 18° Sagittarius the 09.06.2017 was intense, and it still sends out some ripples… Two degrees apart from my AC/DC axis this Full Moon triggered an opening in my life, after a long time avoiding unnecessary communication. My work team had the 09.06.2017 a systemic team intervention: a […]

Core – Uranus transit IC

My desk vibrates as I write. I mean it vibrates in a real way – there is a wedding party the floor below, in our basement, our 120 square meter space, the wedding party of a couple which is friends with my love. They dance, it is very informal, it is a lot, and they […]

New Structure – Progressive Moon in Capricorn

Around two weeks ago I felt a spontaneous urge to clean my space. It was different than usual, it was a basic need. Of course I clean regularly, but mostly I do it as a boring duty: damn, I have to clean again. But now I felt the need for fresh air, a different scent. […]

Shine – Full Moon on natal MC

Yesterday we had a Full Moon at 21° Libra conjunct fixed star Spica at 23°50 Libra. For me it is a very special Full Moon as my MC at 24° is conjunct Spica and natal Uranus at 26° Libra. Uranus moved on my IC at 24° Aries these days, Sun will follow soon, my natal […]

Action Soon – Uranus and Saturn transiting IC/MC plus natal Mars and Uranus

Until next spring I will have some intensive and complex transits over my IC/MC axis at 24° Aries/Libra with a natal Mars at 26° Aries and a natal Uranus at 26° Libra. The Mars Uranus opposition is the most exact aspect in my chart, it brings me lots of energy, but some trouble, too. You […]

Constructive – New Moon conjunct natal Jupiter in Aquarius

And maybe there is hope – at least the New Moon today  in Aquarius at 8° aquarius brings a fresh breeze of air – and inspiration. Pluto at 17° and Mercury at 15° Capricorn are still very deep and very serious, and Venus at 24° Pisces squares Saturn at 24° Sagittarius, so there is some […]