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More earth, more water – A Solar Eclipse in Taurus

The Solar Eclipse tomorrow 29.04. 2014 at 6:03 UT in 8° Taurus conjunct Mercury 12 °  closes the eclipse portal around the Cardinal Grand Cross. The energies of earth and water smooth out the high intensity of the last week. Sun, Moon and Mercury trine Pluto in Capricorn – the Taurus energy is reaching deep […]

The Compass – In the middle of the Cardinal Grand Cross

The Cardinal Grand Cross is still active, but the exact configuration is slowly  dissolving – as I write this, retrograde Mars is at 13°18 Libra and has already left the exact opposition to 13°42 Uranus Aries and 13°33 Pluto in Capricorn. He left the exact square to 14°1 Jupiter in Cancer, too. I had a […]

Building up – Cardinal Grand Cross

The energy is building up – after the Lunar Eclipse from 15.04.2014 the tension is even stronger and intensifies every day. So much is happening, there is nobody I know who enjoys a quiet and relaxed time right now. The next week will be the most intense period where we can reach amazing breakthrough both […]

So much change – Cardinal Grand Cross

So many astrologers write about the coming Cardinal Grand Cross between the 20. and 23.04.2014. I do not want to add a basic text about it because I found a blog entry from divine harmony that sums it perfectly up, I think: The Cardinal Grand Cross (divineharmony.org) In my life and the life of loved […]

Fast Forward – A New Moon in Aries

We have a New Moon in Aries 30.03.2014 18:45 UT – it is conjunct with Uranus. Spring is already here, and Uranus brings enough energy to make any necessary changes. A New Moon is a beginning, a letting go of old stuff, to start fresh and shiny. We can build up our energy towards the […]