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Motion – A Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius

At 9:26 UT occured a Moon eclipse at 25°51 Aquarius. It is a fresh beauty, this one, restless and inspiring, in a sextile with Uranus, adding to the Uranian vibe. Uranus is slowly moving back from my IC, so the eclipse is triggering my IC / MC axis. A few weeks ago I got a […]

New ground – Another November Moon

One year ago, at the Eclipse at 13.11.2012, a new personal cycle started for me. Things ended there, things  started there. Now another November cycle is starting. Every year, in November, I feel under pressure, I have a kind of existential fear. I fear to lose my money, my ground, my job, my goals. It […]

A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and a natal Taurus Moon

Let´s go deeper! The total Solar Eclipse will occur 13.11.2012  in 21°57 Scorpio  at 10:12:55 GMT. This event triggers again the dark and transforming powers of our inner, shadowy worlds. Long-evolved matters come to an end and new stories begin. (With the ongoing Neptune square retrograde Mercury the message seems to be unclear and ciphered, […]