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All These Waters

Ah, all these waters in the sky! The Grand Water Trine between Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Mars/Jupiter in Cancer is aligning in the sky and will be perfect the 17./18.2013. Healing, flow of emotion, drama, expansion, realisation of dreams, realization of loss, growing into shape, sharing the flow. It is blessing. It […]

The path to healing – A Black Moon and a Jupiter transit

We have a Black Moon today, Sun and Moon (and Mercury one degree apart) align in 16° Cancer at 7:14 GMT. They trine Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Scorpio. Waters heal, these waters go deep, they flow and carry safely. It is a stream of healing consciousness, this Grand Trine. The Black […]

A Saturn in Cancer and the Grand Water Trine

Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio are both at 5°22, Mercury in Cancer has passed this Grand trine already, Venus will catch up tomorrow. Uranus and Pluto are still squaring each other, influencing the Grand water trine and bringing impulses for transformation. At least it stopped raining in Europe, but there are the floods, […]