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Value – Pluto transiting natal Jupiter

What is value, when Jupiter transits the natal Pluto – with my natal second house Jupiter trining exactly this Pluto? This value is about money – the money I can earn, the money I earn, and the value of my work. When the exact transit occured the 09.10.2016, I wrote a fee agreement for my […]

Personal Values – A Jupiter Retrograde

The days Jupiter went retrograde and Venus entered Capricorn, around 06./07.11.2013, my focus changed. I was relaxed about money matters for most of the year. Now I started to worry. I needed to find out if I had a reason to worry or not. Venus and Jupiter are natally in my second house in Aquarius, […]

Ambivalence – Saturn squares Jupiter

Expansion versus contraction – Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts. Both deal totally different with concepts of space and time. Structure that is gas-like, structure that is solid. Both deal different with system boundaries. Jupiter increases entropy, Saturn solidifies and contours incidents and spatial events. Jupiter goes for “more”, Saturn scales down. No wonder a transit or […]