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False Accusations – Lunar Eclipse conjunct natal Pluto

Ah, ja, eclipses… basically I belong to the kind of astrologers which are positive  and try to see the constructive potential of a transit, but the last month´s Blood Moon Eclipse simply pulled the rug out under me. The Lunar Eclipse occurred the 28.09.2015 at 4° Aries / Libra, with my natal Pluto at 6° […]

Roots and branches – A Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse on 15.04.2014 / UT 8:41 will be conjunct Spica and Arcturus at 25°16 Libra / Aries.  This eclipse will be intense: it opens an eclipse portal of transformation around the Cardinal Grand Cross 21-23.04. , followed by a Solar Eclipse 29.04.2014 at 8°42 Taurus conjunct Mercury. I am so excited: the coming […]

A Sagittarius Gemini Lunar Eclipse – A Core of Fear and Strength

Waiting for the Eclipse. The pressure is building up. The precise time is 15:33 CET on 28.11.2012 on 6° 47′ Sagittarius / Gemini. We have the day before the Eclipse a Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio in a sextile to Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This is about the body, about polarity, about willpower, about […]