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All Mystery And Vision – A Sagittarius Gemini Lunar Eclipse

It is about seeking and visions, this Eclipse, at 4°08 Sagittarius / Gemini, at 25.05.2013 between 3:53 and 4:26 UTC. It is about communicating with your deep inner voice. This small voice, sometimes unheard, sometimes ignored, the only voice, the only thing that leads through the darkness of your soul. Where do you seek for […]

A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and a natal Taurus Moon

Let´s go deeper! The total Solar Eclipse will occur 13.11.2012  in 21°57 Scorpio  at 10:12:55 GMT. This event triggers again the dark and transforming powers of our inner, shadowy worlds. Long-evolved matters come to an end and new stories begin. (With the ongoing Neptune square retrograde Mercury the message seems to be unclear and ciphered, […]

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