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Wrong Number – An Aries Stellium transiting 3rd house

Mars, Venus, South Node and Uranus are forming a stellium in Aries these days, and Pluto is closing in to complete the last Uranus Pluto square from seven. So the time quality feels impulsive, raw and exciting to me. They all move through my 3rd house now, with a natal Chiron on 16°, IC 24° […]

A Mars Return And A Mars Sun Conjunction

This is about fire, about sun, about warmth. A glowing heat, filling your heart and your blood, a pounding heart. A new Mars cycle begins 18.04.2013 with a Mars Sun conjunction at 0:20 UT in 28° Aries. Mars will turn retrograde 01.03.2014 at 27° Libra and goes direct 20.05.2014 at 9° Libra. This Mars cycle […]

A Tooth, a Muscle, a Nerve, a Pain

Since 20.03. the Sun wanders through Aries. This very day I passed the (written) first part of my exam. (Hooray!) Later the day my left lower jaw began to hurt. I thought: OK, it is the stress, a light inflammation of your gums, treat it, and everything will be fine in a few days. (Mars […]