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A Diplomatic Challenge – Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra? Eight months??? This is a diplomatic challenge. You expect of Mars that he is straight and direct. He rules Aries, he goes forward, he takes, he is action, he is fast. He is different in Libra. He is aggressive the nice way. He says very politely what he wants. And does not […]

A Mars Return And A Mars Sun Conjunction

This is about fire, about sun, about warmth. A glowing heat, filling your heart and your blood, a pounding heart. A new Mars cycle begins 18.04.2013 with a Mars Sun conjunction at 0:20 UT in 28° Aries. Mars will turn retrograde 01.03.2014 at 27° Libra and goes direct 20.05.2014 at 9° Libra. This Mars cycle […]

These boots are made for walking – Mars opposition Uranus

Impulsiveness, anger, explosion, tension, recklessness, intensity, impatience, aggression, danger, unpredictability, independence,trouble, fight. Difficult to handle, simply too much of it all. The image of masculinity is distorted, some say that this constellation comes with experience of a weak father. Strength, power, physical experience, body intelligence, “It is me or you and never a compromise”. All […]