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Gravity – Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Today we have a Solar Eclipse in Cancer at 20° in opposition to Pluto, and in the background occurs a Grand Earth Trine between Saturn at 4° Capricorn, Uranus 2° Taurus and Venus 3° Virgo. So it is a lot of earth energy going around, and I feel it. My natal Moon sits at 22° […]

Serious stuff – Saturn transit opposition natal Moon

Saturn in Scorpio is transiting my natal Taurus Moon in the fifth house. He first hit the exact opposition 20.01.2014, will move retrograde for the next hit 14.04.2014 and touch it again for the last time 14.10.2014. He moves through my eleventh house from 05.12.2013 till end of October 2015. The limiting influence of Saturn […]

New ground – Another November Moon

One year ago, at the Eclipse at 13.11.2012, a new personal cycle started for me. Things ended there, things  started there. Now another November cycle is starting. Every year, in November, I feel under pressure, I have a kind of existential fear. I fear to lose my money, my ground, my job, my goals. It […]

A Taurus stellium – Structure of things

Earth, ground, gravity. What creates the structure and solidness of things? Matter is the volume and mass of things. We, as being soul material in human flesh, make our experiences on earth-bound by physical perception, in a body, by gravity, by our senses. Our world gets real by perceiving it, by the representation our brain […]