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Fog – Neptune square Neptune

Everything was a bit much while Neptune squared my natal 12th house Neptune in Sagittarius, especially because Saturn went over my natal Neptune in this time period, too. When the transit began in May 2014, I packed my stuff and moved into the art studio house with my love. A new life began. Suddenly I […]

Imaging – Neptune in 12th house

A natal Neptune in 12th house at 7° Sagittarius – Both transiting Saturn and Neptune bring me a weird mix of pragmatism and longing. Luckily this natal Neptune is sextiling my natal Pluto in Libra and my natal Jupiter in Aquarius, so the outcome is more harmonious than I expected. Basically I produce a lot […]

Wild Woods – A recipe for Aura Cleansing Shower Salt

Yesterday I had at work contact with nearly forty customers, I felt exhausted and drained when I came home and enjoyed a quick shower with a self-made aura cleansing salt, then I felt better. Maybe it was the Mars Neptune conjunction in Pisces yesterday – Neptune is closing into a square to my natal Neptune […]

The darkest time – A Sun in 12th house

There is a paradox  in the meaning of the 12th house I like very much : A planet in the 12th house is hidden behind the ascendant as the interface to the world.  For example I am born short after sunrise, that makes my Sun a 12th house Sun conjunct the Ascendent. The Sun in […]