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Good Lovers Lie – An Article about Love and Lies in NYTimes

Today is Valentine´s Day – and I came across that fantastic article “Good Lovers Lie“, written by Clancy Martin in NYTimes 07.02.2015. This sweet day, so sweet that my teeth hurt, filled with all this exclamations about true and romantic love, asks more about what we expect of love than what love truly is. I […]

Dissolving – Neptune square Neptune

Now there will come the time where Neptune in Pisces, transiting my 2nd house, will square my natal Neptune in Sagittarius in the 12th house. This is a classic midlife crisis transit in the age of 40-42. I am curious how the Master of Mystery will show himself in the upcoming transits. When I research […]

Neptunes Paradox

Empathy makes us human, perhaps. Empathy is the opposite of loneliness. To feel connected is the greatest social and mystic experience. Empathy belongs to the realms of Neptune, the Lord of the deep-sea of mind and spirit. Empathy dissolves the border between the  “me”  and the “you”. It means we are all connected as one […]

Dark spaces. Grand water trine – and a full moon.

The Scorpio theme is strong these days, Sun recently passed the conjunction with Saturn and the trine with Chiron. Mercury just left Scorpio for wide Sagittarius horizons. We are coming close to Samhain, Halloween, Dia des los Muertos. The veil is getting thin between us and “the other side”. You can not descend into the […]